12 Week ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Training Manual

The last program you'll ever need! 

Designed for serious lifters and athletes who want to take their training to the next level. The ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Manual is the last stop when it comes to maximizing performance: massive strength, functional hypertrophy, explosive power, and hardcore conditioning! 

  • 12 week, re-usable training template/program
  • 5 day per week upper/lower split
  • Over 150 different exercise selections to choose from
  • Two Distinct 6 Week Phases!
  • Block 1 for MASSIVE hypertrophy and HARDCORE conditioning!
  • Block 2 for MONSTER strength and SUPER EXPLOSIVE power!
  • Uses a combination of linear progression training, auto-regulated progression, AMRAP sets ("as many reps as possible"), giant sets, and multiple forms of density training!
  • Plenty of variety to build functional strength and enhance athleticism!
  • Includes key body weight calisthenics exercises, non-traditional implements such as kettlebells, sleds, and medicine balls, plenty of loaded carries, and a solid variety of movement based athletic activities and jumping variations!
  • Alternative options are also provided using traditional modalities (barbell, dumbbells, etc.)
  • Detailed performance instructions are provided along with video demonstrations and in-depth video tutorials.
  • Endless combination of possible programs!
  • 44 pages

This thing is a beast! Of all the programs I have released this one is the embodiment of how I train. This is the polished version of how I got to where I am today, and this is the style of training that I am absolutely the most passionate about. I truly hope that shows not only in the workings of the template itself, but also in the results that you see from it.

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