Finding Fitness! Beginner Workout Program

Finding Fitness! is designed for people who are brand new to the gym. No experience required. The only requirement is the desire to get fit and healthy. If this sounds familiar then this is the perfect workout plan for you!

The template is designed to teach you the basics of proper resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning while helping you to build a base of muscle, strength, and endurance through a simple, but highly optimized and intelligently designed workout routine geared towards improving overall physical fitness and building a lean and toned physique.

It is re-usable and contains over 50 different exercises to choose from to create your workout routine, which means you never have to perform the same program twice. The possible combinations are practically endless!

The program is set up with 3 full body workouts every week that will strengthen and tone the muscles of your lower and upper body, while also improving the capacity of your heart & lungs and shedding body fat through programmed endurance work.

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